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Floral Denim Dress

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I am wearing a floral denim dress and black high heel sandals (they match with everything) from Nasty Gal. My pink frames were purchased a few years back from Urban Outfitters and believe or not, this is the first time I’m wearing them. I don’t know,…


Yellow Summer Dress

Happy Thursday everyone! Can you believe that today is the 2nd to last Thursday this month? Wow, this month went by super fast. My school is giving us a week off the first week of July and I can’t wait. I’m going back to New York for a while to…


My Romper Wishlist

So as some of you may have noticed, I have a fascination with rompers. You’ll also learn that I love bodysuits, jumpers, and dresses. I pretty love anything that only requires one piece. Not only are they easy to put on with little to no effort, but they’re easy to…

Beauty & DIY

Street Style


Cold Sweater, Hot Jeans

Another colleague of mine who’s wardrobe never misses a beat. Love her style. Reflective shades, a big sweat shirt, and ripped jeans with the flag pockets, equals dope. I enjoy this look because it fits the warm weather outside and the cold weather inside. (The AC’s in school are crazy…


Mr. Dress Up

He tells me, “I try to dress up on the days most people don’t.” Til next time. xx Lissanylon


The Type Hipsters

Below are my Typography professors. I swear when I first saw them I thought LES, possibly Williamberg, with a side of lattes. This is Carson, a very dry humored kind of guy who unintentionally comes off as stand-offish, as is pictured above. I could be wrong. He may well be…